Outboard Engine Updates

      Suzuki Marine has been facing the challenges of high volume demand and global delays in production, shipping and delivery of product which has created unforeseen delays getting outboards to All Dealers and Builders. This is the current situation for all motor manufacturers worldwide. We are experiencing the same delays with Yamaha. 

      At this time, Suzuki is producing more engines than ever before, and still receiving historical numbers of orders from builders and dealers. Outside influences such as shipment of product, port delays and inland transportation is causing delivery times to remain unpredictable. 

      If you are a current customer or looking to purchase a Manitou with a Suzuki outboard, please bear with us here and with the Team at Suzuki, that we can't make any specific arrival predictions at this time. Right now Suzuki is doing their best to try and stay within the 100 day window from order date. We are within this range at this time and hope for nothing more and doing what ever we can for everyone to be on their new Manitou and on the water ASAP!  This goes as for those of us waiting for a Yamaha outboard as well.  We will update any new information when we are informed by the manufactures here when we can.  

Thank you All for being so understanding and for hanging in there with us here at Pontoon Express.


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